Skiathos Harbor
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Sailing Experience

The feeling

Sailing experience is a beautiful feeling for everyone on board. As a member of our guests you will gain this unique experience during your day trip on board AEGEO. There are two types of sailing, leisure and racing type. We choose the leisure one, for a comfortable and relaxed experience on board.

The real experience comes as soon as we set sail. You will realize how beautifully, and smoothly a 30ton boat glides through the sea only with the wind’s force. According to the course we wish to follow, the trimming of the sails in the direction of the wind is very important. To ensure a comfortable ride for everyone on board as well as the speed of the vessel.  The speed we travel under sail according to the wind can vary between 6-8,5 nautical miles.

On board Aegeo, you will have the opportunity to ask captain Aris for any tips you wish. Whether or not you are an experienced sailor. If you wish to participate as a deck hand on board all you have to do is ask.