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snorkeling is easy! easybreath masks Skiathos

Snorkeling is easy! easybreath masks Skiathos

With our brand new Easybreath masks available on board our day sailing trips on Skiathos. Snorkeling is easy!

You don’t have to be an experienced snorkeler, to explore the sea’s treasures!

Easybreath masks. Snorkeling is easy!    Easybreath masks. Snorkeling is easy! Easybreath masks. Snorkeling is easy! 

Why are Easybreath masks so great to use?
  • Easy breathing – you can easily & effortlessly breathe through your nose & mouth
  • Field of vision – you will have a 180 degree field of vision
  • Silicone face cover – the seal all around your face prevents water entering, for a comfortable snorkeling experience
  • Anti-fogging – they are designed to let the air circulate all around the snorkel. This prevents fogging while snorkeling
  • Snorkel top – the dry top system prevents water coming in. You have nothing to worry about!
    Easybreath masks. Snorkeling is easy!  Easybreath masks. Snorkeling is easy!Skiathos  Easybreath masks. Snorkeling is easy! 


Our Easybreath masks come in two sizes, S/M and M/L.
  • S/M come in turquoise color usually used by women & teenagers
  • M/L come in blue color usually used by men

Snorkeling is a definite thing to do on your holiday in Skiathos.  On our day sailing cruises we visit many different secluded bays. This is the time to use our Easybreath masks! All of the bays have different sea bed structures worth exploring. At Dassia island (one of the bays we visit) you will be amazed by the natural cave’s stunning colors. It’s variety of rock structure and beauty of the underwater life.

Most of our guests had never used the easybreath masks before. Their experiences were described as amazing. A lot of our them said, they felt like swimming in an aquarium. The 180degree field of view took their breath away.

Snorkeling is definetly made easy with our easybreath masks. Forget the old masks that use to tangle your hair, and let water in.  These new masks have elastic-fabric straps, easy to slide over your head. Your hair won’t get tangled, and they will provide a perfect seal around your face.  Just put them on and you are ready to explore the beauty of the underwater world!