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What We Offer

Skiathos Day Sailing Cruises

Join the fun

Come alone or as a couple and join other guests on a day sailing cruise . A perfect occasion to make new friends from all over the world.

Enjoy exclusivity

Experience a day on board only for you with a private booking. Enjoy the privacy on our luxury sailing yacht.

A special day

Celebrate any special occasion with as many friends/family you like. Make your day sailing cruise a memorable one.

Skiathos, Kastro, Lalaria, Skopelos, Mamma Mia, Panormos, Dassia, Arkos, Tsougria


10:30am from Skiathos New Harbor.

17:30-18:00pm to Skiathos New Harbor.


On board the Aegeo, you will have many opportunities to swim in the open sea and the crystal clear waters of the Northern Aegean. The bays we choose to visit are the most beautiful and must see secluded bays for your swim. We anchor at Kastani bay, more commonly known as the Mamma Mia bay; since the filming of the Hollywood movie. Another anchoring point is, Panormos Bay located on the south-west part of Skopelos island. Other great swimming spots we visit are Arkos & Tsougria islands. These are neighbours to Skiathos each with their own unique and stunning landscapes .


The Aegeo is equipped with snorkelling gear for you to use. You don’t have to be an experienced diver to enjoy the underwater sea life. With our easy to use snorkelling gear, you will discover the different sea bed structures in the selected moorings we have chosen for you. You will have the chance to observe the tranquil sea life. And enjoy the underwater feeling. We often visit the natural cave of Dassia island. Dassia is situated near Skopelos island. There you will have the chance to swim inside the natural cave, & explore unique colors and structures of nature.

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underwater Skiathos
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There are many exciting things to explore on your day trip. For our guests who enjoy photography and landscapes; you can rest assured that every destination will give you the opportunity to capture pictures of immense beauty. We will show you nature at its best! Surely, the highlight of our trips has proven to be the dolphin spotting.

Every animal we encounter on our day sailing trips is wildlife. We try our best to show you them as close as we can. Please keep in mind that we like to respect nature and may choose not to get too close for too long. On a lot of our trips we have encountered dolphins. We have come across seals, marlin and local bird life. Quite a few of our guests who like to snorkel have come up with various findings. They have explored sea shells, star fish, sea urchins, octopus and lots of others sea life treasures.

Food & Beverages

On your day sailing trip on board AEGEO you don’t need to worry about anything, for our cruises are all inclusive. We offer you a coffee/tea with a morning snack to start your day sail. Later in the day we will serve you a home cooked delicious Greek lunch where you will savor different typical Greek dishes.

During your whole day on board all your drinks are for free. We want you to lay back, relax and enjoy your day. In the afternoon we always have a little something sweet to end our day.