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Best Beaches Skiathos

Best Beaches Skiathos is quite a big selection to choose from.  One of the Best Beaches Skiathos is worldly known for is Koukounaries beach which is situated on the south west part of the island. It’s name takes from the pine forest where it is situated. Koukounaries beach is a well organized beach with sun beds, umbrellas, beach bars and water sports. It really is the place to be for all beach lovers who love to swim in crystal clear waters along the long sandy beach. It is definitely the place to meet with friends for a swim or a cocktail by the sea. In the high season quite a few of Hollywood’s celebrities have been spotted here which gives it another reason to be in the best beaches Skiathos list.

Best beaches Skiathos, Koukounaries beach

 As you continue southwestwards from Koukounaries beach the next popular beaches are Banana & small Banana. Both are beautiful sandy beaches also busy beaches in the summer. Banana again is an organized beach with beach bars & sunbeds & umbrellas, where as small Banana isn’t.  Small Banana is known as the island’s nudist beach.

On the far west side of the island 4 beautiful beaches of Skiathos can be found. These are Agia Eleni, Mandraki, Megali Aselinos & Kechria. All 4 beaches have a unique beauty and are a little on the wilder side. They are a little difficult to reach by car so here a 4×4 can be recommended.  Agia Eleni is known for the best sunsets on the island due to its location so here most guests love to spend the day till late by the beach to enjoy snapshots of the beautiful sunsets.

Best beaches Skiathos,Agia Eleni beach

The beaches known on the south part of the island are Vromolimnos & Troulos. Both are beautiful sandy beaches easily accessible by car. Both Vromolimnos & Troulos are well organized beaches with sunbeds & umbrellas. Vromolimnos is known as a party beach which is mostly preferred by the Greeks.  On the other hand Troulos is more of a family prefferd beach probably due to the tavernas,hotels and easy access making it more family friendly.

On the North Part of the island 2 stunning beaches can be found, and they are Kastro & Lalaria.  Kastro takes it’s name from the ancient castle’s ruins at the top of the mountain. Kastro can be accessible by car & long walk by foot or as most guests prefer to visit with a Skiathos day sailing cruise.  Lalaria comes second in popularity after Koukounaries beach as Skiathos best beaches.  Lalaria is a long beach with large bright white pebbles & crystal clear turquoise waters only accessible by day sailing cruises. The magnificent arch which appears from the sea on the side of the beach has become the place for the best snapshots to take back home.  the beach of Lalaria is mostly featured on the typical touristic postcards from Skiathos.  Kastro and Lalaria are clearly in our best beaches Skiathos list.

best beaches skiathos, Lalaria