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Sailing in Skiathos – day sailing cruises – yacht charter



Sailing in Skiathos-day sailing-yacht charter

Skiathos yacht charter  day sailing skiathosSkiathos day sailing

Sailing in Skiathos – day sailing cruises – yacht charter

Sailing in Skiathos – day sailing cruises – yacht charter is a wonderful experience. Marilia & Aris are fantastically charming. First of all they are admirably warm and generous personalities. They make the day sailing cruises each one to remember. So much so we have been back many times. Such a personal, fun & friendly atmosphere on board. I promise you, you will want to return again and again, and Marilia’s plentiful food…..mmmmmm!!

Yacht charter Skiathos

Yacht charter – Sailing Skiathos – The words ‘Spoilt for choice’ spring to mind, but more of that later!
So, where do I begin….
On arrival to the port in the morning, nervously approaching the boat (I suffer from sea sickness). I was welcomed by two huge smiley faces. I tentatively made my way to the front of the boat and grabbed myself a comfortable seat. Marilia sensed my nerves and very quickly set about putting me at ease with her reassuring words. Off we set to sail, very smoothly, might I add, around the beautifully clear waters of the Aegean.

With an excellent playlist gently playing through the speakers, I completely chilled out and relaxed. Was pretending for the most part, that I was in a Bond movie. As we sailed the seas I thought to myself ‘I could get used to this!!!’ Then out came the coffee & croissant…yep, now I was totally in heaven!

Day sailing cruises

With the stunning views of Skiathos island in the distance I thought to myself; ‘aren’t we lucky to have been told about this trip!’ Stunning views, excellent hosts and a great soundtrack! I’d already decided I was coming back, and then we made our first stop!  WOW, in we jumped from the side of the boat, grabbed some snorkels and flippers (all provided) and off we went. Swimming in some of the clearest waters ever.
Back on the boat we helped ourselves to beer, soft drinks and bottles of water. Chatted to the other guests on the boat, sailed to some other beauty spots for a swim (Captain Aris really does know all the best places!!!)

At lunch we stopped in the most picturesque cove and ate lunch around the table. The beautiful, fresh, tasty food just kept on coming. Having suitably stuffed our faces we all retired to the decks to sunbathe and snooze. Making our way back towards Skiathos island we made some more stops for swims. I really did not want the day to draw to a close. Honestly the best trip I have ever been on. I would say that is all down to the host and hostess who made it such a wonderful day. I have been to Skiathos many times and have been on many boat trips, but this really is the BEST!

If you’re looking for a relaxed trip Day Sailing Cruises Skiathos is the one for you! Don’t forget the stunning views, stop offs and food along the way. All perfectly packaged with your very own movie soundtrack. What more could you ask for….oh DOLPHINS, they like to follow the Aegeo so keep your eyes peeled. You might be one of the extra lucky guests who gets to see them. You can join their facebook page and tag yourself in the photos and remember the day forever more. A perfect yacht charter!
I can’t wait to get back in June 🙂
Thank you both for a five star trip xxx