Skiathos Harbor
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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions our guests have asked us on board the Aegeo day sailing yacht. If you didn’t find what you were looking for, please email us with your question and we will gladly get back to you.

You can email us, or call us (evening hours 19:00-23:00p.m.)or come directly by the boat & meet us (evening hours 19:00-23:00p.m.)

You must give us your full name, surname, nationality & passport number for our crew lists. This applies to all guests attending the day trip. Plus a deposit to secure your booking.

Our trips begin and end at Skiathos new harbor, opposite the bus stop terminal in town.

Our priority is to sail but this always depends on weather conditions. If we don’t have sufficient wind to put our sails up then we will have to use our engine.

Your own beach towel, sunscreen & beach wear. Please note: OIL or OIL based sunscreens are not allowed because they stain the teak deck & cushions.

If you need to avoid the sun you can use the cockpit area.

Yes, on our trips you will enjoy a morning coffee with a snack, all your drinks throughout the day plus a delicious typical Greek meal prepared on board.

Off course you can join our trip but do keep in mind that on our trips we do not stop over at other ports for you to get off the boat, till we return back to Skiathos harbor. Please let the crew know that you are a non-swimmer.

Yes, the yacht is fully equipped with over 30 life vests, as well as a life raft for 25 people.

Yes children are welcomed on board provided they are above 5 years of age. If you would like to book a trip with children younger than 5 years old you may do so with a private booking. Please note: the children are your own responsibility.

Yes there is a toilet on board to be used by our guests throughout the day.

In this case you must make sure you discuss with the crew at least a day ahead of your trip so that they can provide an alternative meal for you.

Please do mention your allergies to the crew before you make the trip.

We do not allow our guests to jump into the open sea if we encounter dolphins for their own safety. The dolphins we encounter are wild and therefore we must respect nature.

Rain showers are quite common on the Sporades islands, and on rainy days we usually discuss with the captain and the guests the best possible solution. Most days we leave a few hours later when the weather clears out and add the hours we have missed in the morning to our afternoon return. Meaning we will come back later on that afternoon. If it’s going to be a rainy day all day then the trip is cancelled and postponed to the next available date.