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In the Northern Sporades group of islands, Skiathos, Skopelos, Dassia, Arkos & Tsougria that we visit four types of dolphins have been spotted. The Striped dolphin, the Short-beaked common dolphin, the Common-bottlenose dolphin and Risso’s dolphin. All the dolphins we may encounter during our day sailing trips live in the open sea, their natural environment and we must respect this. We do not allow our guests to swim with them nor feed them since they are wildlife. If we do encounter dolphins during our day sailing trip on board AEGEO, this will surely be one of the highlights of your trip. We will try our best to give you as much time needed, making sure you all have the chance to capture this beautiful and unique moment.

beautiful wild dolphins, Aegeo day sailing Skiathos
Did you know?
  • Dolphins give birth approximately every 3 years mostly in the warm months of the year
  • Dolphins feed on squid, mackerel, herring and cod.
  • On average an adult dolphin will eat 4-9% of its body weight in fish, so a 250 kg (550 lb) dolphin will eat 10-22.5 kg (22-50 lb) fish per day.
  • There are about 100 teeth in the mouth of a dolphin. They use the teeth to grab their prey but they don’t chew it. All food is swallowed whole.
  • The dorsal fin on every dolphin is very unique and it can be used to identify them from each other
  • Dolphins are very fast swimmers they can swim to speeds between 35-60 klm/h
  • Up to 20 feet in the air is the distance that a dolphin can leap
  • A dolphin needs to get air at different intervals.  Some need air every 20 seconds but others only need it every 30 minutes.
  • How do dolphins sleep? They switch half of their brain off. They need part of their brain aware in order to breath at intervals otherwise they would suffocate. They sleep for about 8 hours daily in this fashion.
  • Dolphins can live up to 45 years of age