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Dolphins Skiathos


Skiathos Dolphins

Dolphins Skiathos on the Aegeo Sailing Yacht are bound to be the highlight of your day sailing cruise. On many of our daily sailing cruises you are bound to come across a pod of Dolphins Skiathos. Swimming around their natural environment, the beautiful Aegean sea. Dolphins Skiathos are a beautiful sight because we get to see them in the wild. That adds more excitement to their sighting is that we never know when they will show up.

In the region we sail to, Skiathos, Skopelos and the neighbouring little islets we come across 4 types of Dolphins. The Common Dolphin which is the one we see more often, the Striped Dolphin also seen occasionally. The Bottlenose Dolphin not seen frequently, and the Risso’s Dolphin rarely spotted but unique!

In this video link you can see a day we came across a beautiful and playful pod of Common Dolphins.

Dolphins Skiathos Dolphins Skiathos Dolphins Skiathos

Here are some interesting facts about Dolphins Skiathos:

Common Dolphin

The common dolphin averages 8 ft (2.4 m) in length and 165 lb (75 kg) in weight. It has a dark blue or black upper body. A white underbody, golden stripes on the sides, and a sickle-shaped dorsal fin. Its pronounced, slim beak, holding 100 teeth, is separated from its snout by a deep groove. A fast swimmer, it travels in large schools in warm waters noted for leaping alongside boats for long distances. Its life span is about 50 years.

Striped Dolphin

The Striped Dolphin is the only species that takes part in roto-tailing. This is the process of leaping very high out of the water. While it is out of the water, they rapidly rotate the tail while in midair. The jumps can be up to 20 feet in the air! This particular dolphin is extremely active, and they are known to take part in a variety of maneuvers. They may bow ride, breach, and they are quite vocal. They make a variety of whistling and clicking sounds to communicate with each other. All dolphins do this, but the Striped Dolphins seem to engage in it much more.

Risso Dolphins

Their physical appearance is unique.The numerous scars, from their major prey item, squid, and made by other Risso’s dolphins, give them peculiar markings. The amount of white scarring generally increases with age and older individuals can have a notably white head because of this. These scars, along with unique features on the dorsal fin allow for identification of individual dolphins. Although allowance has to be made for them changing over time. Risso’s dolphins are also the only species of cetacean to possess a distinct vertical crease on its forehead. This is more pronounced in calves.